Stephanie & Dan | Park Country Club | Buffalo NY Wedding

June 18, 2016

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Stephanie & Dan had the perfect day, from great weather to all the real moments. We started at Stephanie’s family home, where they had this amazing garden in their backyard. From the start of the day the real moments just kept happening. It’s always such an amazing thing when the Bride and Groom trust you enough to just ask us to do what we do best. It helped put them and us at ease the day of the wedding, and allowed us to be as creative as we wanted to be. So much emotion and beauty made for a beautiful start of the day, right up to the church in East Aurora, NY. Where the bride and groom shared a moment together without seeing each other minutes before the ceremony. I have always thought this Church would be an amazing place to photograph a ceremony, as its like a castle on Main St. in East Aurora. Growing up in the area it was always in the back of my mind, so we were really thrilled to be working here. Interesting enough there was a secret passage that ran under the Church for the bride to travel to the start of the isle. It kept her hidden for her guest. After a beautiful ceremony they had a grand exit with flower petals out onto Main St. in pinks and peach, it was really awesome. From there we headed to Park Country Club, where the room was all ready. They freshened up and then we headed out back to the gold course to photograph the wedding party and families. The weather was just so perfect, and they had planned ample amounts of time between the ceremony and reception so that everyone was enjoying themselves before the party kicked off. The bride and groom took a break to drink martini’s in the grass as cocktail hour started, and then Stephanie and Dan laid down in the grass. Not something most brides would consider! But it made for really unique and spontaneous photos, its always amazing when a bride and groom own their day. Robert created one of our favorite photos of 2015!  buffalo, ny, wedding, photography, park country club, photographers, best


Photographers: Robert & Tiffany




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