Molli & Brett | The Foundry Suites | Buffalo NY Wedding

March 3, 2016

It was our first time getting to work at the newly opened wedding venue, The Foundry Suites. We absolutely loved the large and spacious hotel rooms, the bridal suite was adorable with Mr. & Mrs. Pillows on the bed. The best part was the ceiling to floor sized windows that let incredible amounts of natural light into the room. It made photographing people very pleasing and the lots to work with in the terms the details. As Molli got ready, her flower girl and maid of honor hung around and helped. Brett got ready in his family home, being a hair dresser he helped his parents prepare. What we love about winter weddings is the light is much nicer earlier in the day. Being a wedding photographer light is super important to us, mainly for the wedding party and photos of the bride and groom after the ceremony. We got to photograph Molli & Brett in front of the city skyline of Buffalo at dusk, it made for a really special photograph. It was fun to discover the new venue, we photographed the bride and groom in the snowy courtyard of the Fondry Suites and with their awesome ‘love’ sign that was behind their head table.


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